Jones Hovercraft 15/16 – report

I had the good fortune to borrow a Jones Hovercraft – what a machine!  First off, it looks weird, it’s 100% directional and really, it doesn’t look at all playful.

How wrong! Firstly I got to ride it on a proper pow day.  I was puking down and this board was in its element.  It completely re-wrote the rule book on what makes a board fun – it doesn’t have to be a soft twin, in fact this surfy slasher had plenty of play in it, even if you didn’t want to try it switch.

It was also surprisingly good on groomers.  It was plenty fast enough when you needed it to be and held an edge wonderfully in hard snow.

I’ve come away from the experience wanting to own one – I just can’t justify it with other decks I’ve got.  One day maybe!

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