Burton Custom Flying V 16/17 – report

Thanks to the guys at Snow & Rock, I got to demo the new Custom Flying V.  Let me start by saying all the blurb on the Burton website would suggest this is the perfect resort board for me.  It’s a little set back, but essentially quite twinny that ought to ride switch well.  It’s also got a relaxed rocker profile with the camber underfoot to stop it feeling too washy.

The board feels well made in the hands.  You can’t fault Burton for ensuring their products remain of quality in terms of look and feel.  It was paired up with a set of Cartel ESTs- which are a solid binding I’ve ridden a few times before and certainly have no issues with even if personally, I prefer Genesis and Malavita bindings from them.

I started out just cruising some turns regular- immediately I began to feel pretty underwhelmed.  It wasn’t doing much to excite me, it was predictable and solid and just felt really rather ordinary.

I took it switch and it felt clumsy – definitely requiring more time to get this dialled-in, but I’d lose interest in this board if I owned it before that would happen.

The flex was medium and consistent throughout the length of the board.  Torsionally it was fairly medium to stiff and wasn’t very exciting, but I guess you could at least appreciate that this would reward good technique when it comes to carving.

Edge hold was average, but felt it would wash out if ever so slightly over-cranked.  Barely hanging on would be my take on it if you were riding at all hard.

Overall I guess it was ‘just a snowboard’- so if you are looking for one board to do everything kind of averagely then this could well be on the list… but for over £400, just a snowboard isn’t going to do it for me.  Sorry.

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