Yes Basic – 15/16

Thanks to the TSA, I got to try out the Yes Basic recently.  In one word: understated excellence.

This is a far from basic snowboard, although it is a predictable ride that you really feel you could progress on.  It’s not going to flatter your presses with a crazy banana rocker, nor is it going to chuck you over the edge if you are a bit loose footed.  The cam rock profile offers a really good blend of traditional snowboard with some early ride to reduce catchiness.

If I were recommending a first board to the guy who’s had a few lessons in a Dome or has come back from holiday fully stoked and wanting to commit, then this would have to be up there as one of the best choices he or she could make.

A do anything, ride anything great entry level board that will provide years of enjoyment.


Yes Basic 155 – I’d buy a 158 if I wanted one
Switchback Bindings
Burton Ruler Boots


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