GNU Smart Pickle 14/15 – report

So this was my first foray into asymmetric side cuts – to be honest I could really notice it visually, but you certainly felt it on the side cut turning- the radius was a lot tighter and sharper on the toe side, whereas heel side a lot more supportive and stable.

This is a park board and when I rode it I really wasn’t venturing too far into park riding. I’d hit the odd kicker now and again, but the reason for getting hold of this was to try and push my switch riding, which for some reason, I was really, really struggling with.  It certainly delivered on this front.  It was a very easy board to ride switch – and I edged through the mental barriers making quite strong progress for me.

There were a couple of errors along the way though.  I’d paired these with a set of Now Select Bindings – and these were truly awful.  Back on some Flux TTs and it was a different story.  A lesson learned in bindings there.

I’d also gone for the 156W – I honestly don’t think a 10.5 UK boot needs the wide version of this (or the Skate Banana) unless you are looking for rail and box stability.  In fact the edge to edge was a noticeably slower over the 156 Skate Banana I also demo’d at the time.  That, in my opinion, affects the playfulness on the ground.

All in all this is a good fun board- super easy to press.  It felt slightly quicker than a Skate Banana but it’s pretty damn similar.  The asymmetric side cut was a nice addition and frankly, if you’ve found this review because you’re checking out opinions on the net before committing on a second hand one, all I can say is ‘go for it!’  They’re a good solid fun board for messing around on.

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