Capita Pat Moore 16/17 – report

Firstly this is a dependable ride.  It does everything a snowboard ought to.  It’s well built at The Mothership in Austria, so you know you are riding a quality bit of kit.  It’s neither too stiff, nor too noodly, and for a Capita, doesn’t seem to have a washy edge hold like some of their sticks.

Most reviewers seem to agree it suits old school riders really well.  It certainly reminded me of the first board I actually loved – a Palmer Flash Twin – but it’s obviously a lot quicker and you can feel it’s lighter edge-to-edge as you’d expect from 10+ years of development.

What I specifically like on this board is the torsional flex profile – I will use this board work on my ground tricks and carving.  It butters and presses well too and naturally you know it’ll stick a landing off anything I’d dare ride over.

Finally the graphics are awesome – Volcom Stone has upped the look over last year’s Furby Totem Pole thing and it actually appeals to a fully grown adult.


Capita Volcom Pat Moore – 156
Union Contact Pro- Size L
Burton Ruler – Size 10.5

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