Lib Tech 2018 Catalogue

Lib Tech’s 2018 is available and once again the chaps at Mervin are smashing it with cool looking designs on classically great riding boards.

My personal favourite has to be the Banana Magic – it’s a board I’d love to ride – a totally tricked up Skate Banana – the embodiment of the Lib Tech heritage with a healthy dose of progressive technology in the Fire Power construction.

They’ve done away with the blue skulls and gone for this burnt orange look- more flamin’ hot that any packet of Monster Munch and just as tasty!

Other designs of note – the Burtner Box Scratcher – looks like Mrs Burtner has toned down her last year’s awful graphic novel theme for something a lot more conservative.  Good stuff – as it’s a top board.   2015/16 was bearable (I have one), 2016/17 was just rank.  I’m not saying it’s not clever artistry, but seriously, you need to be able to walk back out the aprés bar without feeling embarrassed of your deck in the rack.

Catalogue screen grabs below:

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