Capita Ultrafear 16/17 – report

My usual caveat for a park board report, I don’t really ride much park (edit: can’t ride much park), but that doesn’t mean that park boards don’t have their place in a quiver of guys like me.  They are softer and more playful, butter and press well and great for riding around resort with friends and family in a more relaxed manner.

The Capita Ultrafear is a striking looking board.  I’m not sure whether I love or hate the aesthetics of the tips – visually they are jarring and look uncompromising, but they also scream individuality akin to the DWD Wizard Stick.   In an era where tip shape seems to be an important embodiment of board style, you can’t accuse the Capita team favourite of being boring.   The rest of the design is simply stunning – it’s understated beautifully for a more mature approach to park board design, the skill with the Bowie eye slash… well what’s not to like?

It has a fast sintered base offering a noticeably quicker running speed than the Horrorscope- another classic from the Capita line I’d struggle to fault for what it’s set out to do.  Edge to edge it’s sharp and precise, especially for a park board and I’m guessing the flat base profile hits jibs very well.  It looks quite wide – 25.5 waist width on the 155 I rode – but it doesn’t feel it turning.

It’s a really solidly built board – the cork dampener seems to deal with chatter well and all of this without sacrificing its softness and flex profile.  It’s a ridiculously easy board to press on the flat, but I’d be nervous with those pointy tips at speed.  I took it over kickers, side hits and little lumps and bumps, it’s not the most solid of landers, but it does very well considering the flex profile is more geared for jibs, butters and presses.

It’s got a centred stance as you’d expect, and as such, riding switch is not an issue and it feels comfortable going backwards.

My criteria for a good park board, is that it can do all of the previously mentioned, but still turn up the tempo when you want smash a fast straight line back to a lift without feeling completely squirrelly or noodley.  My point of reference in this category has to be the time honoured Skate Banana from Lib Tech – it’s a do it all board for fun riding, it even handles powder well, however this isn’t an aspect I’d be expecting a park board to deliver on for me personally.

The Ultrafear is more than happy to up its game when you want to ride something quicker.  I took it down some particularly hard, icey conditions and it didn’t wash out once.  Obviously I held back a little compared to being on a more solid stick, but it still gripped well enough and could be flexed into a conventional camber so easily to really increase the edge bite.  This sort of makes up for the lack of any magna-traction or edge serration – but honestly, that’s asking for the wrong tech on the wrong board – Capita wouldn’t recommend this board for steep, icey resort runs.  It’s their team rider urban assault vehicle. I’m just saying you can live with it in these conditions better than you’d expect and I would therefore recommend it for general riding if you are after a park board you want to take all over the mountain.

My final conclusion is that I still find those tips just a little disturbing.  I’m trying to improve my butters, therefore blunted and round noses just seem a better option for personal board ownership.  That said, it’s probably just psychosomatic and me, so don’t let that put you off!


Capita Ultrafear 2016/17 – 155cm
Union Contact Pro – Size L
Burton Ruler Boots – Size 10.5 UK



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