Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.

This website is part kit reviews – part personal journey.

It certainly isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously.

I’m a recreational snowboarder based in the UK.  I  get out to the mountains twice a year if I’m lucky- once with old friends, once with my family.

I also dome a few times a month.  Initially this was to build up my experience so I could keep pace with the pack, latterly it serves to push my own boundaries and test out a bit of kit- as much as a dome allows this anyway.

I’ve been on the constant hunt for kit that works for me as I’ve progressed and my tastes have matured.  I’m old – well old enough – to know better, but that doesn’t stop the search for perfection to make my riding easier and a little more stylish than the year before.

This website is designed to share that experience.

I do not aim to compete with the more established snowboard reviewing community.  I plan to compliment it with my own experience as a normal punter of limited skill and slow progress.